Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iconic Cannes Photos

In honor of the Cannes Film Festival going on right now I decided to post some vintage photos that were taken throughout the festival's history. From Jane Birkin being photographed by Serge Gainsbourg to Brigitte Bardot strolling around at the beach. And even a young Sofia Coppola pictured with her father back in 1979.
Grace Kelly at the festival in 1955.

Birgitte Bardot photographed at the beach in Cannes in 1956.

Sophia Loren photographed in 1955.

Patti Boyd and George Harrison in 1968.

Serge Gainsbourg and  Jane Birkin in 1969.

Ingrid Bergman pictured here in 1956.

Sofia Coppola with her father Francis Ford Coppola in 1979.

Mariel Hemingway in 1979.

Images: vogue.mx

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