Friday, October 5, 2012

Miu Miu's Front Row

Miu Miu's front row was full of Hollywood starlets from Emma Stone to Felicity Jones. They all looked great minus the girl in the middle with the purple tights and blue shoes. My favorite was Emma as her look was flawless from head to toe including her hair and makeup.

Best dressed in my opinion was Emma Stone in a chic little black dress that she paired with a cardigan. The accessories are just fab! That handbag is adorable and I love the red shoes. Her hair looks great and this shade of red really suits her.

Felicity looked really cute in her all back look. Sweet and chic.

I love Chloe's sense of style and the mixed patterns really work here. However I'm not a fan of those shoes they look too clunky for me.

I like Amanda's chic suit and bold lips but the handbag is too big I think a cluth would have been a better choice.


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  1. Girl in the middle is Dianna Agron - she has very "Anthropologie shop style" and it's not her best look here. Emma looked flawless, but for me it's slightly boring look. :)